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But that's not all! This probably refers to Amazing Spider-Man 28 from September , which marked the debut of the fire villain Molten Man. This particular UK plate was cut from the final film, but a similar plate number pops up in Prague in the theatrical cut: ASM It may look like just another random string of letters and numbers, but we're guessing it's a reference to Marvel Team-Up 83 from July , which featured a team-up between Spider-Man and — you guessed it — Nick Fury.

But wait! He awakens and begins to remember the events of the night before, which culminated in Nick Fury shooting Spider-Man and a woman who appeared to be Black Widow with a barrage of "anaesthetic bullets" i. It does, however, feature a seemingly dead Black Widow appearing alive and well in a S.

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Hogan taunts Parker, calling him "a little masked marvel" and "shorty," but our Spider-Man-in-the-making, of course, easily bests Hogan. He also tells Hogan mid-fight precisely why he was able to take him down, boasting, "I have the speed, the agility, the very strength of a gigantic spider!

We never got to see the MCU's Peter Parker take Crusher down, but this poster is a decent consolation prize, as well as confirmation that MCU Spidey likely had a similar origin story as his comics counterpart. In the original Amazing Fantasy 15 origin story, Uncle Ben is killed by an unnamed burglar — the same burglar Peter could have apprehended following a TV appearance, had he not been so caught up in his newfound fame. Peter later tracks the burglar to a warehouse, where he captures him and leaves him for the police to deal with.

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Peter realizes in the final panel, famously, that "with great power there must also come — great responsibility! If you're going to talk about someone's death, you don't want it to be a throwaway. In Far From Home , it's revealed that Peter is using Ben's old luggage, but the connection goes unmentioned on screen.

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If you look closely, however, the monogram "BFP" is featured on the suitcase in the scene in which Peter is packing for his summer vacation. Blink and you'll miss it — and even if you catch it, you'll have to squint! Potts is listed here as the co-founder and chair of the "Stark Relief Foundation," which probably sounds familiar if you've rewatched Avengers: Age of Ultron recently. The foundation's purpose, it appears, is to provide aid to populations impacted by the messy work the Avengers have historically engaged in.

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In Far From Home , viewers can assume that Pepper has donated such a large sum to help the homeless population of Queens recovering after "the blip. The brief-but-welcome return of Daily Bugle head honcho J. Jonah Jameson, played once again by J. Simmons, is one of the many highlights of Far From Home , coming during the mid-credits sequence which appears to set up the next MCU Spider-Man flick. Considering that ex-Stark Industries scientist-turned-Mysterio lackey William Ginter Riva preserved Mysterio's high-tech handiwork for later use, meaning even more crazily realistic illusions could be on the way in Far From Home 's follow-up, having a paranoid conspiracy-monger like Jonah eager to smear a now-outed Peter Parker is a recipe for disaster.

WTF, indeed. In a running subplot throughout Far From Home , Peter's man in the chair and all around best buddy Ned Leeds Jacob Batalon has a whirlwind relationship with Betty Brant Angourie Rice , one of the other students on their school trip to Europe. They fall for each other on the flight across the Atlantic, become a couple, and then break up on the return trip.

It's funny and cute. Funny and cute, though, are two adjectives fans never would have applied to the relationship between Ned and Betty in the comics.

How the MCU Was Made: ‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’ and Crafting Those Big Reveals

Davis also urged viewers to stay through the film's closing credits for a couple of "brilliant sequences. Dodge SpiderMan spoilers as best you can!! Other critics echoed similar thoughts. Writer Mike Ryan notes that the film explains the post-Endgame universe in a clever way. Gyllenhaal is incredible. Holland re-confirms as the best Spidey to date.

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Singer Zendaya also earned praise for her role as MJ. It also made me have incredibly visceral memories of class trips of yore. What a fun, solid sequel. Jake Gyllenhaal gets way more to do than expected, clearly had a ball doing it. Also still loving Zendaya's MJ. Better see if your theater offers some kind of season-ticket plan, because many critics note that this is the kind of film that should be seen more than once. It begs to be seen multiple times. FarFromHome non spoiler thoughts: most comic booky movie marvel has put out.

Second and third acts are outstanding. The two post credit sequences are going to stick in my brain for a L O N G time. Reviews in the press. Public reviews Write your own. Ian Sandwell - Digital Spy. Rosie Fletcher - Den of Geek. Rate it yourself. Enjoyable romp. Report this comment. Tom is SpiderMan. Frothy but fun. Showing reviews 1 - 4 of 6. Make the most of this film.

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